Establishing a Solar System Wide Civilization in the 21st Century

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This site, Starship Missions, will catalog ideas and plans for possible Starship missions throughout the solar system. Some may be far in the future, some may never fly, many will be built and flown in just the next few years. ( Apology for Typos )

The Starship Decade site will chronicle the actual tests and missions as they unfold as well as my prognostications about the first Starship Decade. The Starship Manifest page lists actual and proposed customers and missions for Starship.

Starship is expected to mass 120,000 kg empty and be able to initially transport a payload of 100,000 kg to LEO with an objective of growing that to 150,000 kg over time. Assuming 40% of the LEO payload could be delivered to GEO that would be 40,000 kg payload or fuel available for GEO operations and return, without refueling.